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Platform deployment (outage this afternoon)

 18 Jun 2021

Hi All,

We are going to be deploying a major update to the platform this afternoon.

You may notice some funny business while the update rolls out.

It is quite a large structural update under the covers that we need to do to support the new mobile app and the expansion of NatureMapr.

I do expect some unforseen turbulence - there is a good chance that we will break something, at least, temporarily. But we will be here to support the release right throughout the weekend and to follow up with any minor hot fixes if/as required.

Thanks very much for your patience.




   18 Jun 2021
About to kick off the release shortly. ETA 4pm.

We expect to be done by about 5pm.

Hopefully we'll be back soon...!
   19 Jun 2021
Sweet as, bro.
abread111 wrote:
   20 Jun 2021
Is there a glitch now in the location description?
A sighting confirmed yesterday shown correctly on the map as being on Mt Majura, is described as being at Downer...
waltraud wrote:
   22 Jun 2021
I much appreciate all your work, many thanks. I want to point out that species are missing - I wanted to confirm Scarlet Robin which fell of the drop-down list of Little Birds along with many others Little Birds species; for example, there is only one Robin...

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