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Funding Boost from ACT Government

 1 Jul 2021

Hi All,

NatureMapr has been very fortunate to receive a significant increase in our funding from ACT Government.

This is a huge deal for us and I want to express our sincere thanks to Clare McInnes and her colleagues for fighting hard and planning well in advance to make this funding a reality.

The funding now gives NatureMapr an annual citizen science contribution/subsidy over the next 3 years, that recognises the project as one of the major/largest citizen science projects in the ACT community.

Our thanks goes to ACT government personnel who are actively embracing the platform such as the GIS Team, Conservation Officers and all the Park Rangers, all the way up to the Directors, Director General and Minister for their recognition and appreciation of what NatureMapr and our community of unbelievable expert moderators and users are doing for citizen science in the ACT.

It means we can keep going, keep paying for the underlying infrastructure that keeps the lights on and actually grow and expand from here.

Thanks for all your continued support and patience. It has been a really hard couple of years!




Mike wrote:
   1 Jul 2021
Congratulations. I know from ParkCare how much NatureMapr is appreciated.
   1 Jul 2021
Funding that is well deserved and much needed, a great outcome.
Wandiyali wrote:
   2 Jul 2021
Fantastic news, congratulations to all
ibaird wrote:
   2 Jul 2021
Great outcome Aaron, terrific news. Well done to everyone involved.
   2 Jul 2021
Such a lot of hard work - well done!
drakes wrote:
   3 Jul 2021
Well done, good news. Ecological monitoring is critically important and grossly under-resourced. It is great that in the ACT at least there is some government support. Citizen science provides excellent value for money!
   3 Jul 2021
I agree drakes, in other jurisdictions, it would be even harder to get this level of support.
   3 Jul 2021
This is brilliant news Aaron and the NatureMapr team! Well done Claire McIness & ACT Govt :)
George wrote:
   4 Jul 2021
Fabulous news Aaron and CNmap team and to Clare at ACTG
You have well and truly delivered the proof of concept that has enabled this government investment to support citizen science
Harrisi wrote:
   7 Jul 2021
Wonderful Aaron! Ironically I am delivering a lecture to a Science Communication class at ANU (CPAS) tomorrow, on 'Citizen Science' and will now definitely be mentioning this intelligent outcome!
Bron wrote:
   10 Jul 2021
A brilliant result to secure the next three years. Congratulations.
RodDeb wrote:
   11 Jul 2021
Well done, glad they can see the importance of monitoring the plants and wildlife around us all. Really appreciate all the hard work you and others have and continue to do for NatureMapr Aaron and to all the others that volunteer all their time and effort also. Really do appreciate it.
EmmaCook wrote:
   14 Jul 2021
So excited Clare got this to happen. We rely on this platform so much to be better informed in our jobs. Thank you Aaron for working so hard to keep this alive and all the citizen scientists who contribute. What you have achieved is priceless :)
ConBoekel wrote:
   15 Jul 2021
Excellent news and well done for all concerned.

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