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Millipedes (Diplopoda)


Following is  a good introduction:


Another useful reference is: Millipedes of Australia

With their illustrated Key to orders of Australian millipedes

Also of interest: A guide to the morphology of millipedes in the order Polydesmida

Millipede species are hard to distinguish from one-another, and to identify to species normally requires a close look at the minute bodyparts of the animal, and usually the 'gonopods' of an adult male. These are modified legs used to transfer sperm to females, and are located about a third of the way back from the head on the underside of the body.

We have no official moderator for millipedes. However, up until April 2019, we were receiving able assistance from millipede expert Dr Robert Mesibov from West Ulverstone in Tasmania. He has now retired from this duty.

No species currently belong to this list.

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